111225_BarryBragg_0030As you can see from the picture, I used to be quite young.  And quite the ham.  Yes, I was a morning disc jockey for three Texas radio stations before giving it all up for a “real job” as a paralegal, which I did for 24 years.

Over the years, I have voiced many radio commercials and given several humorous speeches at company events.

In 1978, I earned a BA in Sociology. In 2001, I completed the basic personal coaching program of Coach University, founded by the late Thomas Leonard.

I inspire atypical people to defy demands for conformity and unleash their splendid individuality.

I help those who doubt their rightful place in the world, who feel “less than,” by believing in judgements aimed at them.  I have done my job when people I help have found themselves again, located the treasure within their own being, and feel fully at home in the world.

My mission is to share liberation of body, mind, heart and soul with everyone and embody it completely.  I want to tell people they can be free to enjoy their lives, love themselves and others without fear.

I am a Spiritual Humanist because I believe in reason, science and rational thinking. This is the antidote to the oppression of some brands of religion.  I spent most of my life in the church but began to question the dogma and inerrancy of the Bible as a teenager. I also believe in the Source of Life and Nature, and that the universe is not an accident.  Evidence for this Source is seen in the existence of consciousness itself.  Lifeless, unconscious matter did not combine, through blind chance, to create consciousness.  The Source of Life expresses itself through all living things.

For years I kept hearing hateful and condemning declarations about gay and lesbian people.  As a gay man myself, I know from my own life and those of hundreds of my friends those ugly characterizations are 100% false.  It seemed to me that Christians were looking at the words of people writing 2000 years ago about something they didn’t understand, as if those were “the last word” on the subject.  In reality, much of what the Bible says is wrong, mythical, barbaric or internally contradictory.  It is a collection of books written by human beings, but whose level of knowledge and morality is often inferior to our own.

I have exchanged the old time religion for what I call spiritual sanity.