For an introductory no-obligation consultation to discuss your ceremony, all it takes is a phone call or e-mail to begin. I can speak with you by Skype, and if we are close enough, in person. Let your mind run free as you envision your ceremony. It can be as unique as you are.

Same-sex weddings are now legal after centuries of exclusion be religious dogma. I perform those unions and for anyone who considers themselves outside the box of traditional religion.

For planning your wedding, here are a few considerations:

• Size and place of venue
• Small and intimate? Informal and simple? Traditional and elaborate?
• What do you want the overall feel to be, such as fun, joyful, or warmhearted?
• Do you want to include readings or other ways for loved ones to participate?
• Who do you want to be involved in some way?
• Will there be music? Who will perform it?
• What, if any, cultural or family traditions do you want to incorporate?
• Do you want to write your own vows?
• How about a ritual to symbolize your commitment?


My fee for custom designing and officiating your ceremony is $350.

There is an additional rehearsal fee of $150, if scheduled.

A non-refundable deposit of $100, which will be applied toward the total, is required upon booking in order to reserve your date and time.

I offer a discounted wedding service for small weddings with a warm, standard ceremony, along with vow and ring exchange wording options for your consideration. You may write your own vows, if you wish. This option may be the right fit if you want a small non-religious wedding with your budget in mind, but also want a meaningful ceremony at a location other than the courthouse. This option requires the venue be within 30 miles of my location. Travel fees may apply. The cost of a discounted ceremony is $250, with a $50 non-refundable deposit to hold the date and time.


Travel is included in the fee for ceremonies within 15 miles of my location. For those outside a 15 mile radius, a rate of $1.00 per mile will be charged for the round trip to your location.

Lodging may be required in some circumstances. If so, rates will be discussed and agreed upon in advance, based on factors of distance and travel time.

Memorials, Baby Namings, Parting Ceremonies

For a Celebration of Life or memorial, my aim is to assist you in designing a ceremony consistent with the life the decedent lived, and the wishes they expressed, while attending to the needs of the living. Ideally, the ceremony will be individualized to honor the unique personality and interests of your loved one, and the ways in which they touched your lives. It may be pre-planned, or designed and individualized through consultation with family or friends.

It is important to honor the loved one and not impose religious ideas, dogmas and scriptures they did not believe in as part of their memorial ceremony. Not everyone believes in life after death and in finding the right belief to “go to heaven”. This event is an opportunity to lovingly focus on the loved one we have lost and all they brought to our lives.

Fees for other ceremonies will be discussed and agreed upon prior to reservation of the date. Please let me know if you have special needs or considerations, and I will endeavor to work out an agreeable arrangement with you.