index~~element2Be Proudly, Gloriously and Exuberantly Who You Are

When I speak I talk about the importance of individuality, being unique, that it is ok to be different from the crowd, it’s cool to be “weird,” introverted and off-center.  Also I speak on the importance of knowing your purpose, talents, skills, and one-of-a-kind ability to add value to the world…not taking no for an answer, believing in yourself no matter what, finding your “tribe,” and following the tug of your intuition as the voice of your true self.

Be Joyful, Free and Fearless

When I am 100, I will feel satisfaction if I encouraged others to love and respect themselves and their fellow human beings, despite differences that seem to be “deal breakers.  I will feel good if I have lived graciously and with humor, whether life went the way I wanted or not.  I will feel  satisfied if I have lived as who I truly was, full out, despite the “shoulds” of society, as a self-actualized, creative, unique, fully awake human being.

In my life, I have done many unique things, as part of my mission to live a creative life, including:

  1. At three radio stations, doing morning shows with comedy bits, reading the news and public appearances
  2. At Cathedral of Hope church, running a television camera
  3. Doing humorous “roasts” of coworkers and management where I worked
  4. Emceeing, doing a comedy monologue and singing for a fundraising show

What am I uniquely prepared to talk about?

  1. Bringing humor to mundane, mildly unpleasant situations
  2. Standing up for people bullied, mistreated or victimized
  3. Exposing the accepted illusions of society, the church and the privileged

What unusual things do I draw lessons from?

  1. Wrestling – performance, mastery of the skills, good winning over bad
  2. Harry Potter movies – mastery of hidden power, youth, good over evil
  3. Martial arts movies – mastery of physical ability, performance, good over evil
  4. Cats – low maintenance, peaceful, comforting, independent, lovable
  5. Powerful music – brings out our feelings whether joyful, sad or triumphant
  6. Wisdom books – hidden knowledge, keys to peace and self-mastery, point out illusions that lead nowhere, remind us of what is true and really important

Yes, there are lessons all around us if we only slow down and look!

Contact me to speak to your group, seminar or conference.  I look forward to hearing from you.